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GeoBeats – is a cool online portal that hosts professional-quality travel videos from around the world. It’s a neat way to learn about a travel destination’s people and culture. Even if you’re not travel-inclined, GeoBeats is still a great source for general knowledge. You could stumble upon a couple of videos from your own backyard. For example, here’s a video about Paranthewali Gali, New Delhi and one about Chicken Tikka – Food, New Delhi. There’s fresh content – almost everyday – for you to enjoy.

Here’s their mission statement:

GeoBeats is an interactive media company whose mission is to inform travelers about international destinations through the use of video. During our own international travels, we found that trustworthy information about the destinations was not easily available. As a result, we are changing the way travelers learn about international destinations.

We have created a website where anyone can watch free short videos on international destinations that highlight history, culture, shopping, food, nightlife, lifestyle, and other aspects of interest to travelers. Our videos are different than other travel videos in many aspects. The content in the videos is well researched which means you will get consistent quality and reliability across our videos. Also, the videos have a “down to earth” feel as opposed to a heavy commercial angle. At the same time, they are created by professional filmmakers and feature interesting hosts who add a unique and personal flavor. Due to the reasons above, we are able to provide a fun and reliable way to learn about your next international destination. Ultimately, our objective is to help you in better planning and enjoying your trip.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. It looks cool….Apart from travel i find it educating and entertaining. Even if you aren’t visiting any particular place…but still you would like to know more about it….

    I guess….Good job….

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