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All you ever wanted to know about the Chinese

First, it was the Red Pulao. Next, came the Proverbs.

While my recent experiences with anything Chinese has been impersonal, there’s someone out there in the field reporting live experiences. Once you hit “The Seagull has landed…” you won’t want to close your browser window – OK! I am Internet Explorer 6 junkie; no tabs for me yet – till you’ve read each and every post. After Smiling Girl’s blog, this is the next blog guaranteed to cannibalize my blog’s readers. But hey, I stand by my mission to spread knowledge.

I particularly recommend that you read this post – Return to Shanghai – which gives you “a technical run-down of the different types of parasites operating on Nanjing road, in order of nuisance value.” It’s ROTFLMAO material and validates the experiences I have had, albeit on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand.

[I hope you’re still reading this…]

That stint in Bangkok was terrible; I was there at the peak of the bird flu scare! If there is one place you should strike off your travel list, it’s Thailand – all of it. No sane person should set foot there because you don’t know what disease you will come back with. Yuck!

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