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Bangalore Tiger

Nah! You really didn’t think that this post was about a few tigers that had decided to set up shop in Bangalore did ya? Even if they did try, they wouldn’t survive for long. You see, the tiger is purportedly India’s national animal, but there’s not a whole bunch of them left around to carry that title. And if the remaining few did plan a trip to Bangalore – ooooops! Bengalooru – they would be massacred even before they boarded the bus.

Then what is Bangalore Tiger? It’s a McGraw-Hill book on Wipro by Steve Hamm, a senior writer at BusinessWeek who reveals the management principles that propelled Indian phenomenon Wipro from a tiny start-up to a $2 billion market leader.

But Steve was a bit early in releasing his book. If only he had had the patience to wait for a few more days, he could have renamed his book as “Bengalooru Tiger,” or worse, “Bengalooru Huli,” and seen sales skyrocket. Now that’s a title which should make you drop everything you’re doing and rush to the nearest book store just to be a proud owner of “Bengalooru Huli.” Funky eh? Steve seems to have realize this mistake judging by this blog entry – Make that….Bengalooru Tigers.

So what’s the book all about?

This is what the official website says:

In just five years, Indian tech firm Wipro has gone from millions to billions, rewriting the rules of global competition and becoming one of the world’s leading IT service companies. What management principles did they employ to do it? In Bangalore Tiger, BusinessWeek journalist Steve Hamm takes readers inside the halls and boardrooms of Wipro, detailing exactly what practices and core values catapulted this small company into a worldwide market leader. Hamm reveals Wipro’s extraordinary business model, how it revolves around low costs, high quality, motivated employees, superior management, and streamlined processes. An essential read for managers, consultants, and executives at any company, Bangalore Tiger is a blueprint for quality improvement, increased efficiency, and tangible bottom-line results. It removes the shroud of secrecy around Indian management principles and shows how companies around the world can achieve market leadership by applying them.

You can download the introductory chapter.

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