Taj Garden Retreat, Kumarakom

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The Taj Garden Retreat during the day. Image Copyright © 2006 – Forever, Goutham And the Taj Garden Retreat during the night – a magical transformation. Image Copyright © 2006 – Forever, Goutham I don’t know about you, but I feel like dropping whatever I am doing and rushing down for a nice relaxing holiday […]

Free Online Travel Destination Videos

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GeoBeats – http://geobeats.com/ – is a cool online portal that hosts professional-quality travel videos from around the world. It’s a neat way to learn about a travel destination’s people and culture. Even if you’re not travel-inclined, GeoBeats is still a great source for general knowledge. You could stumble upon a couple of videos from your […]

Factory Overclocked PCs

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Says Gateway: “Just say no to DIY [do it yourself] overclocking and let us do it for you! We’ll factory overclock your Intel Core2 Extreme Quad-Core Processor QX6700. Yep, you read that right: factory overclock, which is something that most other major PC manufacturers don’t do. Overclocking the FX530’s CPU jacks up your clock speed […]

Lifeline @ Bistro

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Our canteen, affectionately named Bistro, recently went in for an engine upgrade. Here’s the new engine serving the thirsty souls who throng Bistro after receiving humongous amounts of businessgyan. I’ve become addicted to the cold-coffee it outputs untiringly.

Articles on Entrepreneurship #1

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India Knowledge@Wharton has a great article on the entrepreneurship scenario in India – A brave new world beckons Indian innovators and entrepreneurs. Here’s my favorite part! Question: Is there a fundamental difference between the entrepreneur in India and an entrepreneur in China? Haque: Yes. I would back an entrepreneur in India before I would back […]


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Quick. What’s warm, soft, and lip-smacking? Tick tick one…tick tick two…tick tick three…you better stop your wild thoughts now. There’s one thing you certainly did not think about – a Jerry Berry Waffle! Caught you didn’t I? This is how a Jerry Berry Waffle looks like. And believe me, it’s warm, soft, and lip-smacking, and […]

Number 501

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I don’t know how, but I completely forgot. GEO 12.97°N 77.56°E just completed 500 posts. And what better way to reach this milestone than a post on “The Notary” – one of my closest friends. You can never have a dull moment with the Notary. Never! My most memorable trip to date has been the […]

The Notary

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The BBC’s top serial “Top Gear” has a daredevil stuntman who goes by the name “The Stick.” The GEO blog is not far behind – it knows “The Notary,” up, close, and personal. And what’s “The Notary’s” latest stunt: “drinking a Barista masala chai takeaway with a long straw.” [Blogged from the Library]