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Paarijaata – The Heavenly Flower

One of the most fragrant flowers I have ever smelt – the Paarijaata – makes its presence felt on the GEO blog. I am lucky enough to see a plant in full bloom inside our garden – thanks to my mom. This flower is so powerfully fragrant and addictive that you can’t think of putting it down. The Paarijaata blooms at night and withers by morning. It was quite a difficult task photographing these beauties. This is the best I could manage.

Paarijaata - The Heavenly Flower

Legend says that the Paarijaata emerged during the churning of the ocean in the search for the Amrutha. It was then kept in Devaloka (world of the Gods) and then subsequently brought down to Earth by Lord Krishna. No wonder it’s called the Heavenly flower.

Have you been lucky enough to smell the Paarijaata?

7 thoughts on “Paarijaata – The Heavenly Flower

  1. we got one paarijaata plant (can call it a tree now) from last 20 years..and your article reminds me those days, when it was my (official) duty to gather all the paarijaata flowers that would scattered all around the tree..also not to forget the heart-shaped seeds of paarijaata plant

  2. Yeah, we have a Paarijaata plant at home and i remember mom using the flowers for the pooja almost everyday during the recent vacation. I knew Lord Krishna liked it a lot, but didnt know the originating story!

  3. Hi….
    I felt very happy when I saw PAARIJAATA here….
    I love this flower too much..
    Offen methink why people go behind other flowers though the heavenly flower is here…!!!
    May be they are thinking that this heavenly flower is to those who are there in heaven… :-)

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