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Spell checker? What’s that mate?

When it comes to computer software, it is often said that people use 20% of the features 80% of the time.

At State Bank of Mysore, a spell checker and a grammar checker do not figure among those 20% of the features which people use 80% of the time. Take a look at their new ATM-card application – it’s pure rubbish. (Click on the picture below to download a bigger and clearer image.)

State Bank of Mysore ATM-card application

A few words on the form which you won’t find printed in a credible dictionary (except of course, SBM’s): transterable, datd, ig, etd., ro, cordholder, widhing, gie, ism, cinters, fo, Ts., thier, and fr. The grammar is simply terrible – the less said about it the better. See if you can spot a few hilarious sentence constructions. The more you spot, the more brownie points you earn.

We claim to have a robust technology-backed banking system. Of what use is all this technology if you can’t even print a form that makes sense.

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