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Where to buy books in Mumbai?

Here’s a cute little bookstore in Mumbai to whet your appetite for books:

Book Lovers
“Sneha,” Shop No. 5
Lokhandwala Complex
Andheri (West)
Mumbai – 400 058

Tel: +91-22-2632 4594

I have fallen in love with this bookstore because:

  1. You get a straight 15% discount – even on new books!
  2. The owner happens to be very knowledgeable
  3. It’s conveniently nestled in nearby Lokhandwala
  4. There’s a cozy Barrista outlet around the corner

7 thoughts on “Where to buy books in Mumbai?

  1. The author Satyabrat Biswas’s first novel ‘Love Story of a Surgeon’ has been presented to the market by S.B. Publications. Biswas is a social activist and a national award winning journalist. He is actively involved in script writing for films as well as with social organizations like the Lions’ Club, Rotary Club and Tata Cancer Institute and so on. It took him two years to write his English novel ‘Love Story of a Surgeon.’

    The novel is the story of love between 52-year-old S.P. Sen and 25-year-old Priyanka. Both are doctors. Dr. Sen is a successful and famous surgeon in Mumbai. He lives in a flat facing the ocean in the Breach Candy area, with his wife and three daughters. Dr. Sen loves alcohol. Except for a few trusted doctor colleagues, nobody knows that he operates only after having drinks. Due to his drinking habit, his wife and three daughters leave him and go away. The writer has painted his loneliness and the course of his life after this stage, in vivid colours. It is impossible for a man to live in solitude – he requires a companion who loves him truly. The story deals with a surgeon and his search for peace, happiness and a soul-mate who truly loves him. How this search ends is a suspense that will be known only when the readers complete reading the book.

    Love can strike anyone – there are no age limitations for this. Though the concept of love between an aged hero and a 25-year-old heroine is not new, but the author has tried to infuse colour into the story by his writing. He has filled it with melodrama, sex, Hindu-Muslim relations, regionalism and other ‘masala’ ingredients. It is noteworthy that though it is his first novel, the narration is smooth and free-flowing. Without using bombastic English language, the writer has used simple sentences. Therefore, even those who have minimal knowledge of English can understand the novel. The message we receive from the novel is that life is nothing else but an endless journey in the dark. Nobody can predict what will happen next.

    Prabhat’s Reporter: Shri. Ajit Patil
    Auther: Shri.Satyabrata Biswas
    Page of the book: 276
    Price of the book: Rs.150/-

    Our addition: Book available in Mumbai at Akbarally’s (Fountain), Strand Book Stall (Fort, Sir, P.M.Road), Satyam Collection (Churchgate. Near K.C.College), Green Court Club (Mira Road) and other leading book stores.
    Call: Mobile no-9820117180 (Mumbai-India)
    Email address:

  2. Hi, Guys wanted your help

    I want to buy a book named ” Return On Marketing Investment By: Guy R Powell ” and I am not able to find the book in crosswords. So can you pls help me from where can I get this book.

    Rajkumar Thanvi

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