Buy home made chocolates in Bangalore

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Public Service Advertisement Buy home made chocolates to your heart’s content at Chocolate Junction “Jala Darshini” #117, Annaswamy Mudaliar Road Bangalore – 560 042 Contact: Anupama Amarnath @ +91 98450 19639 Email: chocolatejunction at Open from 10AM to 8PM on all days Taste free sample of chocolates Indulge in a wide variety of chocolates […]

CRM at Indian Airlines

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I have both good news and bad news about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) at Indian Airlines. First the good part. Indian Airlines a.k.a Indian seems to have successfully revitalized it’s brand – and this is reflected in the overall customer experience. It’s a good example of what competition can force you to become. The online […]

A delightful CRM experience

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I have had an unbelievable experience early morning today. Within fifteen minutes of publishing my write-up on slideshare’s presentation hosting services, I received a comment from Rashmi ( who’s part of the slideshare team. Imagine that! Fifteen minutes. That’s product management on steroids. From our conversation, I learnt that Rashmi got to know about my […]

Hindu Temple Architecture – Set #3

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The final set in the Hindu Temple Architecture series. It’s been fun using a new tool called FotoTagger ( that annotates all your photographs. Give it a spin – you’ll like it. FotoTagger can export tagged images to your Flickr, LiveJournal, or Blogger account. Unfortunately, because of the method I use to publish images on […]

MP3 from the TV Serial Chanakya

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Here’s an MP3 from the TV serial Chanakya that was aired ages ago on Doordarshan. It goes, “Asatomaa sadgamaya…Tvamasomaa jyotirgamaya…Mryutyomaa amrutamgamaya…Om shanti shanti shanti hi,” followed by another chant. Managed to compose this MP3 from the Chanakya CD-set that I borrowed from Raghuram. Chanakya.mp3 Hosted by eSnips I wonder why they don’t bring such gems […]

Book Review – Subroto Bagchi’s
“The High Performance Entrepreneur”

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Subroto Bagchi’s “The High Performance Entrepreneur – Golden rules for success in today’s world,” is a good read for the budding entrepreneur. The book does not prescribe a magic formula for success – and correctly so, because there is none – instead it packs a wealth of advice gained through experience that you can follow […]

Things not to say on live radio

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You really need to be extra careful when you are live on radio. Yesterday afternoon, there was a hilarious incident on Radio Indigo 91.9 FM during which two sisters guest-hosting a show innocently said, “We sisters love hardcore…[brief pause when they probably realized its meaning and then corrected it to]…aaahh…hard rock…” Needless to say, you […]

Protect yourself from Dengue and Chikungunya

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Public Service Advertisement Dengue and Chikungunya are viral diseases spread by the Aedes mosquito. Prevent breeding of mosquitoes and protect yourself from mosquito bites by: Covering all water tanks and containers with tight lids Emptying and drying water containers and coolers at least once a week before refilling Destroying all unused junk, tyres, coconut shells […]

The New Face of BSNL

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Of late, I have been very attracted to the much-hyped subject of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Every enterprise – both big and small – boasts of being excellent at CRM. The customer, they claim, is king. Reality, however, points to the alternate (you pick the adjective). Rather than boring myself with dry theory, I have […]