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Naksha – A review

In between one set of term examinations and another set of comprehensive examinations, we found time to hit the theatres today. The Human Resources Management Systems exam behind us, Vinayak, Vatsa, and myself took the first auto-rickshaw to Cinemax, Infinity Mall. We followed the usual just-in-time ritual: reached Cinemax at 12:45 and booked tickets to the 13:00 show of “Naksha.” On the lighter side, we could easily get jobs as Just-in-Time Consultants.

Naksha is a copycat – well almost. If you’ve already seen Welcome to the Jungle (starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), Naksha will be a nostalgic trip. That said, it’s ideal on a time-pass afternoon. It’s great to see Sunny “Dada” Deol back in the limelight. He does live up to his reputation. Vivek Oberoi is at his boyish best. Sameera Reddy is at her cutest, but she’s got absolutely nothing to do in the movie.

There’s one item girl in this movie who deserves special mention because she’s done an item number with the least amount of clothes on and, if the movie is to be believed, at great Himalayan altitudes. I think she would be the right trainee at the High Altitude Warfare School. On the whole, watch this movie once, enjoy your afternoon and forget about it.

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