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Nature’s Irony


Steve Irwin, the crocodile man, who went to great depths to spread awareness about Nature’s creations succumbed to one among such Nature’s creations, the stingray. Irwin was killed by a stingray while filming a documentary at the Great Barrier Reef off Australia’s northeast coast. From what I read,

  1. There are about 120 known ray species
  2. Only 4 are venomous
  3. On an average there are only one or two fatalities a year worldwide

It’s ironic that Steve Irwin happened to be one such victim. It’s a BIG loss to humanity. I have enjoyed every moment of his often aired documentaries.

Here’s a tribute to a legend and an undying spirit.

One thought on “Nature’s Irony

  1. I remember watching him on Animal planet when he jumped into a swamp and still said..”Hooray im lucky today because im surrounded by Aligators”.. not too many had the guts to say that..unfortunate dectacle..

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