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(Image borrowed from I’ve just enrolled for Yoga classes. The first class began today morning at sharp 6 AM. The number of students who turned up: three. The number of students who had promised to turn up: many. The classes are held inside our campus, in a hall behind the temple, amidst greenery and […]

Poor Pluto!

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It’s time to forget what they taught you in school about the solar system–it no longer has 9 planets. After years of controversy, Pluto has officially been stripped of it’s planetary status. It’s now officially a Dwarf Planet. The confusion arose because all these years the international astronomical community had no formal definition of what […]

New to Mumbai?

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If you are new to Mumbai and regularly travel by taxi or by autorickshaw, it’s a good idea to print a copy of the tariff card from the Mumbai Traffic Police website and carry it with you. Mumbai is an honest city. But there’s always that remote possibility. Download the Mumbai Taxi and Autorickshaw Tariff […]

Crime Diary

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Sudhir sent me this hilarious take on the prime time Kannada TV serial “Crime Diary.” Listen to the story of software engineer “Java Jagga” and the mystery behind his death. The interviews with his company’s CEO, his project manager, and his wife are fanatically comical. Download Vasuki’s Crime Diary. ROTFLMAO guaranteed! Vasuki’s Crime Dia… Hosted […]

To drink or not to drink?

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The pesticide-in-your-soft-drink war continues with The Centre for Science & Environment’s latest study (covering 12 states), which has found dangerous levels of pesticides in all samples of soft drinks tested. Read the complete story – CSE releases new study on pesticides in soft drinks. Read the press release – Soft Drinks Still Unsafe… Download the […]

Report on Chris Argyris

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[Preferably for MBA students or if you are adventurous] Since my classmates have had the pleasure of preparing a report on Chris Argyris’s theories and their implications at the workplace, I wanted to spare other (existing/potential) MBA students from experiencing that pleasure. You can save a whole lot of time by downloading the report from […]