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“An assignment a day keeps the blogger in you away!”

Yep. I made that one up. It summarizes why I have temporarily disappeared from blogging/commenting. Consider what I have been through the past week:

  • Business Strategy Group Work 1
  • International Business Assignment 1
  • Cost Accounting Group Work 1
  • Business Strategy Group Work 2
  • Internation Business Group Work 1

As I write this, there is another presentation coming up in tomorrow’s Business Environment class. The day after that there is a quiz in Business Law.

Eeeeeks! seems to be back on the radar. If you’ve missed my commenting, I’ve missed them too. I just did not have the time to work around the system in getting to all your blogs. That’s what happens when a guy who loves bits and bytes goes on to do a MBA.

Here’s a passing thought: How good or bad an idea is it to mark each post you write with the place you are writing it from? For example, I would end this post with a [Penned from the Library]. If not anything it would stir up some fond memories down the lane.

And to practice what I preach:

[Blogged from the Library]

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