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[This post should make our good old Notary and Anoop sit up and take notice. I miss our badminton days guys.]

Our campus is strategically located – in Andheri (West). There’s everything you might possibly require, close by. Malls, multiplexes, temples, restaurants, and bazaars, you name it and it’s there. There’s even the humongous Andheri Sports Complex right across the road. Unfortunately, we had not used this facility till yesterday, when Vinayak and I decided to play a game of Badminton. We ended up playing five games in fact. The compulsion behind this exercise was Vinayak, who was slowly but surely turning out into a 747 Megatop (you might have seen one of these with Singapore Airlines)! Now, we’re hooked. We’ve decided to play twice or thrice a week. There’s an incentive to play well – the loser needs to buy the winner that evening’s dinner.

Things really turned out worse for me. The 747 Megatop in the making beat me 3 games to 2! [Notary, I don’t want to hear any nostalgic jokes from you.] Yesterday’s dinner was on me.

4 thoughts on “Badminton

  1. Remember..Notary beating both of us..wen we both were a team..and he playing single..inside jayanagar complex..hahaha i was fat and plumpy im thin and strong..i can beat 5 notarys now hahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahaha

  2. “Notary, I don’t want to hear any nostalgic jokes from you”
    yeah….nps…but it brings back awesome memories…was such a wonderful feeling beating u guys…..:P i think i beat u guys for “0” is it.?? i don remember cos i was lost in that feeling after the match then….=))=))

    n btw u still owe me i dunno how many PIZZA treats…ive lost count…in bowling, shooting,badminton, PEPSI BOTTLE challenge in kodaikanal….etcetc the list continues……im waiting 4 14th! :P

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