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Shock Messaging Service!

What should you think when one of your closest friends sends you an SMS that reads: “Y dont you join ur man, it will be great.”? Wow! What was that again? The moment of horror vanishes, the moment you realize that a typo has occurred. In this case “ur” should have been “us.” The true message reads: “Y dont you join us man, it will be great.”

It’s a very good idea to read your SMS once, before you hit that send key. Give a thought, for a moment, to the person on the receiving side.

PS: The above message was sent to me yesterday at 20:30 IST by the good old Notary (you should know him by now!).

8 thoughts on “Shock Messaging Service!

  1. Thats not fair man…..ppl,..some part of the text is missing there..:D pls ask him to post the entire message…the message w/o that part is like an elephant w/o its trunk…:d

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