9 thoughts on “True or False?

  1. Neither do i have any direct experience..haha all i can say is some people behave in this manner..some people are sensitive and may feel its true..again depends on the personality( this is my view)

  2. That is why i say its hard 2 find a girl with a brain..lolzzzz ROTFL, they dont understand if u tell them directly..u must always take the difficult path 2 find out whats in their mind..lolzzzz

  3. Anoop, the reason you find it hard is coz you need a brain to find a girl in the first place :P

    This comic strip is just one of the indicators of the never ending (and never will end) war of the roses..

    Just live with it and enjoy yaar, dont break your head on why and how.. leave that to us women, and watch your cricket and football :D What say SG?

    (no offense to any male sharks (read men)!)

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