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Bhaiya, ek cutting dena

The ubiquitous “bhaiya” is back again.

In a saner world, “Bhaiya, ek cutting dena” would mean “Bother, give me a hair-cut.” But, we are talking about Mumbai. Sanity is what you won’t find here – no matter how hard you look. Therefore, the above statement actually means, “Brother, give me half a cup of tea.”

Even before I got to know the actual meaning, I heard, “Bhaiya, do cutting dena.” What was that again? Imagine my shock – who on Earth would want two hair-cuts at the same time?

I am now a wiser person.

5 thoughts on “Bhaiya, ek cutting dena

  1. Hmmmmm.. the joys of having a hot cutting on a wet cold rainy day.. :)

    Don’t I know?? Me a Mumbaikar all my life.. I thrive on cutting chai at the roadside.. In fact Mumbai thrives on roadside food and tea and juice stalls.

    I also think its great business.. they earn more in a day than most graduates and MBA’s earn in a month in this city..

    Debates aside.. Chai rules!!

  2. I’m trying to ask a Hyderabadi friend of mine on chat.. but no response yet :(

    Hey SG, loved your last of the “Ladka Dekhna” articles.. Arey, you’re on the other side of the fence now.. whose shoulders will we cry on ;)

    Vinaya, sorry for the extra space used.. :D SG’s blog does not allow Anonymous comments.. Hey but this article: 10/10!! Come to Mumbai again, I’ll treat you to cutting and vada pav.. :)

  3. yeh..let me share my language improvement exp (its my way of viewing slang development) ..a friend on mine, from delhi visiting blr..this dude wanted to buy a pair of jeans from blr..(crazy..jeans from blr)..neways took him to a fashion joint in the killer smile of the (she)cashier, he responds ” kya muski de rahi hai”..Me confused .. ” what did she give, muski..whats that??”.. later after scratching my head, got that muski means muskhan…

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