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Some Place Else

Level 6, Fun Republic
Link Road, Andheri (West)

Some Place Else is a good restaurant to have that occasional dinner. This restaurant is owned by Bobby Deol. Now, before you jump into your car and drive over to catch a glimpse of Bobby, there’s one little thing I would like to mention: Bobby Deol doesn’t ever come down here, although the other partners do (that’s what our waiter said). I guess Bobby’s following the Build Operate Transfer route in managing this hotel. The food’s quite decent to taste and the ambience is appealing. To summarize, it’s worth the occasional visit. The cuisine includes Indian and Chinese.

2 thoughts on “Some Place Else

  1. I know what I am doing if I go to Mumbai (which I know I wont, I hate that city!)..
    I am going to do a morcha in front of that hotel and fast till death till they get that Bobby guy to see me.. :)
    I like him, u know.. Hehe.. *sheepish grin* even if he doesnt have those long locks…:)

  2. I particularly like the neon illuminated sky bridge that takes you to the restaurant and the center placed chef’s cage :)..
    nxt, good tht bobby is at least good at something (business) and has decided to stay off, with the best interest of restaurant.

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