7 thoughts on “Reality Bites!

  1. hahahah!!! lol….i can still remember that funny moment wen we were actually forced outta raft in kali river in dandeli…awesome reactions frm u then..!!!!!! that was hilarious…. i can swim man…:P

  2. but i must say….u got used to it pretty quickly…U amazed me man to be honest….so it suggests that u can learn swimming in no time…y don u give it a try!…… it will be another feather in ur cap…..in addition to ur academic achievements!

  3. hahahahhaa even i can swim..i still remember that moment too..in dandeli..wen u were scared 2 get inside the water even with a life jacket..wen the instructor told u to..hahahaahahaha…and wat does that stupid notary think..u can add it on ur resume saying i can swim or wat..hahaha hes immature asusual…

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