Sir M. Visvesvaraiah – In 2006!

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It’s true and it’s me! Here’s how this miraculous reincarnation happened: Yesterday, after class, I was sitting in the library trying my best to figure out Philip Kotler’s A Framework For Marketing Management. If someone’s actually understood what’s in this book, I humbly request you to be my teacher. Fifteen minutes into my effort, I […]

Functional Module

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This term, which is called the Functional Module, comprises of five subjects: Corporate Finance Marketing Management People and Performance IT for Management Operations Management You might have already guessed that my pick of the lot is Corporate Finance, once again because of my love for numbers, and Corporate Finance involves a lot of them. People […]

What is internationalization?

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internationalization (in-tuhr-NASH-uh-nuh-ly-ZAY-shun) noun The act or process of making something international or placing it under international control. Making a product or process suitable for use around the globe. This 20-letter word is often abbreviated as i18n when used by software engineers. Making a program useful in another country requires more than just replacing error messages […]

Fanaa – A brief review

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I am too lazy to write movie reviews. My only comment on Fanaa is this: “Kajol’s stunningly beautiful.” No wonder she’s my favorite actress. My classmate Vinayak (the one who also shared the Udupi Sri Krishna photo) was more than willing to write one for me. This review of Fanaa is brought to you by […]