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End of Term One

Today marks the end of our Foundation term – a gruelling four weeks which saw us turn from Accountants to Economists to Statisticians and Operations Researchers, all at the drop of a hat. The term concluded with tests in all subjects over the past couple of days. The multiple-choice questions, as always, had multiple choices – of answers! There were memorable questions like the one in Operations Research that asked you to “assign 6 buses to 3 routes with a minimum of 2 buses per route”. Economics was quite OK, except for those questions on inflation. I think I hate inflation.

I must say that the experience over the past one month has been fantastic, albeit a bit hectic. There’s never enough time to do everything. Therefore, the first things you learn are to prioritize and to manage time. If you have been planning to enroll in this program, then make sure that you are prepared for hard work.

To celebrate the completion of the term we went to HyperCity and InOrbit. This was followed by an excellent Rajasthani-style dinner at Rajdhani. The next stop was Juhu beach where we spent a good three hours just sitting in the sand, watching the waves, and incessantly chatting (actually arguing).

The admissions for the next batch begin today. I am lending a helping hand to the admissions committee. If you are going to be here tomorrow, then you will certainly spot me (although this post comes a bit too late for you to read).

I also think that it’s high time for some photographs. What good is this blog without its famous photographs?

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