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Although Tathasthu is an exact–but localized–replica of a recent English movie (whose name escapes my mind), it’s worth watching once, if only for the acting skills of Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay Dutt has played out his role really well in this movie. He has acted with just the right amount of emotion to keep you spellbound. I think he has matured as an actor and is now picking meaningful roles. Amisha Patel, however, does not have a significant role in the movie. If you have already seen the English version, you might not enjoy the movie as much.

That was the movie for the week. It’s been 3 movies in 3 successive Wednesdays so far. Tomorrow’s our version of a weekend. I doubt if I have the time to freak out because there’s so much studying to do and a term exam just round the corner.

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