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I am writing this a bit late.

This Wednesday, it was “Gangster’s” turn to be viewed by me. There’s a decent mall called Infiniti nearby and it’s got a multiplex called Cinemax. Finding a restroom in this mall is a challenge and is a story for another day. My strategy is simple. As soon as classes are over, catch an auto to the nearest theatre and buy tickets to whatever movie is being played next. That’s how I ended up watching Gangster.

Gangster is a good movie. At many a time during the movie you would feel like giving up and going home. My advise is to stick on. The movie’s got a great ending. My only complaint against the movie is the choice of heroine. One can certainly find faces (to start with) that are prettier by orders of magnitude. I’ll leave it to you to discover the story.

2 thoughts on “Gangster

  1. I found the heroine good looking and I thought her voice is husky. The second hero also looks nice. The best part of the movie are the two songs ‘Ya Ali’ and ‘Tu hi mera shab hai’.

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