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Made in China!

Conversation at a store today morning:

Me : “I need a calculator.”
Shopkeeper : “Which model?”
Me : “That Casio FX-100 MS. How much is it?”
Shopkeeper : “Rupees 500.”
Me : “How about the FX-991 MS?”
Shopkeeper : “Oh to China se aaya hai. Saste mein milega. Sirf do sau.”
Me : Speechless.

Opening the box, I found that the damn thing even had a sticker proudly quoting “200/-” on it. It looked exactly like an original Casio calculator, but you could smell the bad quality from a mile away. The least those Chinese could have done (if at all they were responsible for manufacturing this computing beast) was to ensure some decent quality. Small wonder then, “Copying is an art.”

On a side note, the calculator could do simple arithmetic problems such as 2 * 2 correct.

4 thoughts on “Made in China!

  1. One lesson to learn is, before you buy any product check where it was manufactured. Any product “Made in China” or “Made in Thailand” is a strict “NO”. Avoid buying it at any cost.

    My friend bought a pair of Nike shoes by paying Rs.5,000. After 3 to 4 months, the show soles started coming apart – and it wasn’t even for rough use. Inside it was written ‘Made in Thailand’…YUCK! A country which survives mainly on tourism and prostitution… how can they make any better products? It’s also high time people stop going there on tours. At least then, they will start to think there are other better ways of earning for a living.

    It’s high time all these MNC (product)companies realize that they not only need to see reducing costs but also maintaining good quality.

  2. You are in Mumbai dude. Get going the way Mumbai goes. Infact i would also like to share one experience of myself in Delhi.
    On reaching it’s Maharana Pratap Inter State Bus Stand, feeling drowsy for a whole night bus journey, i got up to the nearest cigarette vending stall and asked for a wills navy cut. (It used to cost 2.5 rupees that time).

    Me-: Bhaiyya ek navy cut dena.

    Vendor-: 4 rupees

    Me-: Bhaiyya navy cut to dhai (2.5) rupaye ki hai

    Vendor-: Yo delhi hai bhai (Dude this is delhi)………

    I handed him 4 bucks and got my cigarette and as soon i got the cigarette lighted, i realized it’s taste was pretty pretty bad.

    I then asked him

    Me-: Bhaiyya yeh to nakli cigarette hai

    Vendor-: Bhai yo delhi hai (Dude this is delhi)………

    So, you realized the importance of such dialogues.

    The same is with Mumbai.


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