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Tests, tests, and more tests!

Today was another of those days with multiple tests. We had to face tests in Quantitative Methods, Micro Economics, and Communication. Scored a 20/20 in Micro Economics. Did kind of OK in Quantitative Methods. For Communication we had to prepare a presentation on the following topic:

“You have invented a revolutionary water treatment system which has the potential to double the supply of potable water. To make your invention commercially viable, you need an investment of Rs 50 crores. Make a presentation to a group of senior Government of India officials headed by the Secretary, Water Resources Department, seeking the above investment from the relevant government funding agencies.”

My group of five did quite well. I was given the feedback that I was an easy speaker, but it seems I move my hands too much in repetitive gestures. I guess it’s time to do some hand-controlling.

In other news, I struck a deal with a local dhobi. He charges Rs. 6 for washing and ironing a shirt or pant and Rs. 1 for other small stuff (hand kerchiefs, socks, etc.). Furthermore, he has a door step pick-up and delivery service. There is another dhobi who said he would charge Rs. 30 for washing and ironing a shirt or pant. Freaky guy. I think he needs to desperately study Micro Economics.

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