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When movies become luxuries

The schedule at college is so hectic that even watching a movie can be termed as a luxury. Classes start at 09:00 sharp and on most days go up to 17:30. A class can consist of one or more of the following: lectures, group work, presentations, and surprise quizzes. There’s usually a 45-minute break for lunch. The scheduled break is for an hour, but it’s often cut short because a class overruns its allotted time. We usually have a 15-minute break in between sessions. That’s, more often than not, spent in drinking “elaichi tea” to revive yourself.

One can certainly try hard and be attentive over this long duration. But sometimes you just have to give up. Human beings can only be attentive for a short period. When this happens you need to spend time after classes in brushing up on what was taught during the day. You had better, lest you want to flunk in those surprise quizzes. We just had one in MicroEconomics today. My lucky stars were with me today. I had just managed to glance at some material before classes and the questions were on the same topic (Demand and Supply to be particular). I managed to get it right! Yay!

Thursday is our day off and tomorrow’s one. We have classes from Friday to Wednesday non-stop. I’ve already forgotten what weekends look like. To celebrate my successful crossing of the first week, I decided that I had to watch a movie at any cost. Human beings also need entertainment. So off I went along with my roommate in search of a multiplex. We managed to catch the 20:05 show of “Darna Zaroori Hai.” It’s a good watch and if you haven’t already, I would advise you to do so. The ending’s a bit messed up, but it’s a good movie on the whole. It’s the one luxury I have had in a week.

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