I’m back!

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From Lonavala. And what an amazing three days we had in Lonavala. I was so busy putting out that MBA admissions article the other day that I totally forgot to mention about this trip. I apologize for the lack of articles over the weekend. Expect to read some real nice ones very soon. I promise […]

All about the Taliban

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Source: The Knowledge News Though they no longer rule Afghanistan, Taliban forces still cause plenty of trouble in that land. They regrouped along the border with Pakistan–their original base–and fight on. Some 300 people have been killed in the past week, in some of the heaviest fighting in years. And the U.S. military says the […]

End of Term One

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Today marks the end of our Foundation term – a gruelling four weeks which saw us turn from Accountants to Economists to Statisticians and Operations Researchers, all at the drop of a hat. The term concluded with tests in all subjects over the past couple of days. The multiple-choice questions, as always, had multiple choices […]


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Although Tathasthu is an exact–but localized–replica of a recent English movie (whose name escapes my mind), it’s worth watching once, if only for the acting skills of Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay Dutt has played out his role really well in this movie. He has acted with just the right amount of emotion to keep you spellbound. […]

Financial Accounting

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Financial Accounting is one class that I enjoyed the most over the past three weeks. We were taught accounting concepts by Professor. Raghu Iyer. He is one of the best teachers I have ever learnt under. He explains in a way the brain can easily assimilate. The necessity of this method would be understood by […]


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“Bhaiya, ek dip dena.” The first time I heard this statement in our campus canteen (it’s affectionately referred to as Bistro), I was left wondering how a “Bhaiya” could give a “dip”? A couple of minutes later, I found out how. The “Bhaiya” in question brought out a cup of milk with a tea bag […]


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I am writing this a bit late. This Wednesday, it was “Gangster’s” turn to be viewed by me. There’s a decent mall called Infiniti nearby and it’s got a multiplex called Cinemax. Finding a restroom in this mall is a challenge and is a story for another day. My strategy is simple. As soon as […]

The Product Manager’s Dilemma

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If you happen to be a Product Manager who is wondering about what features to include (or exclude) from your next hot product, then you might find this article — The Product Manager’s Dilemma — from HBS’s latest Working Knowledge newsletter to be very helpful. And if you are not, go ahead and read it […]

Made in China!

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Conversation at a store today morning: Me : “I need a calculator.” Shopkeeper : “Which model?” Me : “That Casio FX-100 MS. How much is it?” Shopkeeper : “Rupees 500.” Me : “How about the FX-991 MS?” Shopkeeper : “Oh to China se aaya hai. Saste mein milega. Sirf do sau.” Me : Speechless. Opening […]

Is India a part of Asia?

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From an article in today’s Times of India, Mumbai edition. Asian nations do not want India to be a part of the common currency group Though the finance minister says India is indifferent to it, New Delhi would love to be part of the Asian Currency Unit Other Asian nations find it hard to relate […]