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Day 1

I am finally back in my room after a gruelling three-exam marathon and an accounting class. Here’s how I fared:

Managerial Economics:

30 questions; 45 minutes; multiple-choice format. I discovered that I have a very active subconscious. I managed to tick many answers correct relying on the drowsing cum studying I did yesterday night. Just went through the answer key and I must say I have done pretty well. Need to wait for the official results though.

Quantitative Methods:

23 questions; 45 minutes; multiple-choice format. The easiest of the three. Got a few wrong but on the whole satisfied with my performance. Need to wait for the official results though.

Financial Accounting:

4 questions; 1 1/2 hours long. I really wonder how accountants do their job. Managed to screw up all the answers. None of the sheets balanced. My answer sheet looks like it’s been through the hands of a two-year old child. So many scratches. Found out that all my classmates had imbalanced the balance sheets to varying levels. At least we have a level playing field! There’s no one with a finance background in class.

Also submitted an assignment and came back with one more. An MBA is really not easy on the body and mind.

2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Wow…
    Your preparations have yielded you good results..
    Wishing you marks more than you expected…
    Accounting always has scope of improvement.
    What are u planning for the weekend?
    Have a great weekend?


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