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Oh Darling Ye Hain Mumbai

Shree Krishna restaurant serving “Royal Seema Dosa,” “Perfect Dosa,” and “Tasty Dosa” in front of another store that calls itself “Wet Concepts.” Leaves very little to the imagination. The weather is hot and sticky. You cannot walk a few feet without sweating (reminds me of those water tankers in Bangalore that merrily chug along while the water is constantly leaking). Step into an STD/ISD booth and you’ll be cooked raw! I have got to admit though, that Mumbai has its own charm. I’ll be writing regularly on my “Mumbaising” (as in acclimatising).

My Hutch connection has just been activated and it works. Thank God, for that.

Hope to snap some pictures today. But, only if I finish studying for my three back-to-back exams scheduled for tomorrow. A common query I have received is “How come you have exams although you have just arrived in Mumbai a day ago?” Well, I may have come just a day ago, but I have been studying from the past three months (the pre-foundation courses). Tomorrow’s exams are on these subjects. We have been told that it’s a multiple-choice test. That should bring out all my latent skills of intuition.

Wish me luck!

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