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First Day First Hostel

I had never lived in a hostel until today. It’s an experience I have been looking forward to. I wasn’t disappointed. Walking into my room I was met by two cots with Kurl-On mattresses and pillows on them. That and a mosquito screen lying on the floor. My room is in the new hostel wing that’s still undergoing construction. My innate house-keeping skills (whatever little there is of it) were called to the forefront. I had the room dusted and swept; the mosquito screen fixed. A copy of the Vijay Times served as sheeting for the cupboard (I flew KingFisher in case you were wondering). In went all my belongings in no particular order. The bed was then made. Thankfully the network ports were up and running. I logged in and bugged a couple of old friends. It was time to do some shopping. I came back with a prepaid Hutch (oh no!) connection, a dustbin, a lock for my room, and a doormat. My room is now quite spic and span. It’s actually our room because I have a roommate.

Things to do tomorrow:

  • Buy a mirror
  • Strike a deal with a laundry guy nearby
  • Strike a deal with the mess guy
  • Submit an assignment (sigh!)

6 thoughts on “First Day First Hostel

  1. Hi Vinaya,
    Wow ! First blog from Mumbai…
    How do you feel being back to college after working?
    Good Luck and Good Day….
    Keep the blogs flowing..

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