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The Haunted Hutch Network!

Two recent incidents have led me to believe that the Hutch mobile network is haunted.

  • A friend recently tried reaching me on my Hutch number. The call was answered by one Salim. My friend disconnects the line and presses redial. Presto! This call reaches me. Now, who’s this Salim who can also be reached on my number?
  • I call a friend’s mobile using my Hutch connection. Ring… Ring… Ring… No one answers. I call through my land line. My friend immediately picks up the call and says that her mobile did not ring at all and that it was right in front of her. Left me wondering about spooky calls.

I don’t know what AI Hutch has on its networks, but it’s surely gone bonkers. However, the worst Hutch incident (non-spooky) I have witnessed is this: I and a friend – both Hutch number enabled – are standing exactly one foot apart. I try calling this friend’s number only to be greeted by a “The Hutch number you are trying to reach is unavailable.” How’s that for connectivity?

6 thoughts on “The Haunted Hutch Network!

  1. Hi Vinaya-

    Its not only Hutch. I have experienced this problem with my Airtel connection and my sister’s BSNL cell phone. I am in Jayanagar near Ramakrishna Hospital having both the cell phones and my sister is trying to me reach on both #’s first time she called the called landed in tirupathi and she tried her BSNL # it said not reachable (Since I was below a Gulmohar Tree). 60 mins later i stand in front the hospital the phone rings she shared my experience.

  2. Hey,

    Thats Cool. Hutch is too friendly and they understand you better. As the punchline says ” Wherever u go our network follows” they have known that you or ur friend have followed one of them. You are too near to reach and they dont have a role to play.

  3. hi
    i was trying my friends hutch number i dont understand why he is not responding all this is since ten days
    while its ringing and some times says number unavailable
    whats this mean
    is it hutch problem or can one avoid calls like this
    i mean block a number
    but its ringing and message sending is ok

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