48 thoughts on “Download an MP3 of the Kannada TV Serial Maayamruga

  1. Namaskar;

    Hrudpoorvaka danyavada galu…
    nanu tumba dina galinda ee haad na download madake hudukutidde evatu

    nanu Nammura Mandara Hoove film haad na hudukutidene…
    dayavittu link gallana kalisu kodi….


  2. Mayamruga, Manvantara, Mukta were very nice serials which were able to ignite d good minds. Thanks to TNS and those made the songs available.

  3. I am very greatfull to TNS who has given such a nice serials. they are very close to real life….i never forget Mayamruga until my end of my life….
    once again thanks to TNS……….

  4. Thanks so much for providing me with the satisfaction of listening to this song after a long long time, i wanted to listen to this at the spur of this moment and I found it here….all memories came gushing back….home is now far far way, but will go back there eventually :)

  5. sir thank yo soo much for providing this song…i am very very happy today bcz of dat song….am very thankful to yo..sir ll yo advise me wre shall i get moodala mane serial title song….Plz sir

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