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Where to find a Notary in Bangalore?

“True Copy” and “Attested By Me” – these are two phrases which you often require to be stamped on your photocopied documents and for which you need to visit a notary (def. “Someone legally empowered to witness signatures and certify a document’s validity and to take depositions”). You, of course, need to part with your hard earned money. Different notaries charge different amounts per signature. There’s no pre-defined rule.

So, where can you find a notary on short notice? If you happen to live in Bangalore South here’s where you can find them.

Head over to Jayanagar 4th Block. Locate the very popular Adiga’s Restaurant. Take a right turn here. This road is full of notaries. You can even find signboards – with bold arrow marks on them – pointing you to the notary. Unless you are in a hurry, ask around for the price per signature till you get a fair deal. In my opinion “notarizing” is a very lucrative business.

59 thoughts on “Where to find a Notary in Bangalore?

  1. Hi,

    I am a law graduate having worked with reputed property law firms, I am doing translation of legal documents from KANNADA to ENGLISH and back. I require contact with Notary for certification of translation, who knows both the languages and certify .Shall be grateful for your help.
    #67/91,Gandhibazar Road,Bangalore-560004

  2. dear vinaya

    thks for the info. i need about 20 agmts (100 pgs). can you suggest a notary near Ramaiah Hosp bel rd and the approx charges as i have no clue

    thks for your help

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