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“Education is not a guarantee for civic sense.”

One can find ample proof for this theorem in India. For example, consider spitting in public. Many Indians (even those who consider themselves as “educated”) consider it their birthright to spit at will. Common items spitted out include – but are not limited to – saliva, paan, chewing gum, and phlegm. The last one probably being the worst of the bunch because it is often accompanied by horrible sounds from the respiratory tracts. You can find people spitting out the above mentioned items everywhere – from auto-rickshaws, public transport buses, trains, and even when walking on a road or in a park. If you have ever wondered what those ugly colored stains on the sides and windows of buses and trains were, you have just been educated.

Things really get bad when people spit around in a park and then walk away as if they have done nothing wrong. Dirty stares/swearing from your side seem to have no effect on these “educated” people. They honestly have no shame. They come back the next day and stamp on the very same spit they spitted out yesterday. You have to take a stroll in Lalbagh to really understand what I am talking about. Yuck! Chewing gum that’s been spitted out on the road is not far behind. Ever tried removing chewing gum stuck to your soles? For God’s sake, how much effort does it take to wrap up used chewing gum in it’s original wrapping and then throw it in a dust bin? One wouldn’t do the same inside one’s home right?

Believe it or not, I recently witnessed an incident near Town Hall in which someone in an auto-rickshaw spat something that landed up on the clothes of another rider passing by. It almost ended up in a fight.

“Education is not a guarantee for civic sense.” Do you agree with my theorem?

3 thoughts on “Spit!

  1. Your theorem has become cent percent right here..
    People need to think twice before doing it…
    Have a great weekend…
    Keep the blogs pouring in the new month.

  2. ur 100% right..ur theorem is so so true…where as im here working on Sampling theorem..when does ur MBA start man??? its been a long time i spoke 2 u..bbye tkc and all the best

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