Are you my Bhaiya?

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One thing you learn quickly in Mumbai is to call every male–irrespective of age–as “Bhaiya.” Be it the laundry guy, the canteen walah, the shop keeper, or the janitor, everyone is your bhaiya aka. brother. Most statements you make will contain the word. For example, “Arre bhaiya, khane ke liye kya hai?” (“Oh brother, what’s […]

Stolen Cash!

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I learnt a cool accounting trick today. We had to play a game of Monopoly in class. Unfortunately, my teammate and I ended up with a cash imbalance at the end of the game. Don’t ask me how, but we did! The missing cash meant that our Balance Sheet and P&L Statement would not match. […]

Day 1

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I am finally back in my room after a gruelling three-exam marathon and an accounting class. Here’s how I fared: Managerial Economics: 30 questions; 45 minutes; multiple-choice format. I discovered that I have a very active subconscious. I managed to tick many answers correct relying on the drowsing cum studying I did yesterday night. Just […]

PG Accommodation For Men @ Banashankari 2nd Stage

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Public Service Advertisement Paying Guest (P.G.) accommodation for men at Banashankari (BSK) 2nd Stage – close to MindTree and about 1.5 kms from Jayanagar 4th Block – located at, #2237, 23rd Cross, K.R. Road Banashankari 2nd Stage Bangalore – 560070 Call: 080-30932056, 080-25501165 Fully ventilated spacious rooms Individual safe lockers Deluxe cushion beds 24 hours […]

Two new moons for Pluto

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Pluto, the most distant planet in our Solar System, has been known for nearly 30 years to have a moon – Charon – although some scientists suspected it may have other, smaller moons. Now, Nature reports the discovery of two new moons orbiting Pluto and presents streaming video of lead scientist Hal Weaver and News […]

Does your newspaper report well and without spelling mistakes?

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Yesterday’s edition of The Economic Times carried the following article (on Page 6): Is biz school salary hype only a myth? MARQUEE B-school grads are definitely the chosen ones in the job market. The starting salary is sky high, opportunities are abundant and the experience is global. Bluest of the blue chip global companies and […]