Up, Up, and Away!

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This blog was down for some unexpected maintenance starting 21:30 IST yesterday. Comment spam had really pushed me to the edge. I couldn’t do anything about it – short of disabling comments – since there are no comment spam plugins for WordPress 1.2 anymore. My whole night was spent in front of my laptop while […]


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Unless you have had a multi-layer state-of-the-art spam defense system in place to scan your e-mails, the chances that you would have received an e-mail from a Nigerian (or other Afrikaans in general) offering you astronomical sums of money in exchange for your bank account number are close to 100%. Affectionately, this scam is referred […]

Increase the number of simultaneous downloads in Internet Explorer

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Here’s what today’s perusal of the [seemingly infinite] world wide web discovered: If you broadband the Internet using Internet Explorer, then chances are high that you would have been frustrated with Internet Explorer’s seeming inability to download more than 4 files simultaneously. Here’s how you can pump up that count all the way to 16! […]

Yummy South Indian Recipes!

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Here’s a cool PDF reading which you can cook delicious South Indian dishes at home. Detailed instructions have been provided for Payasam, Sweets, Chutney, Raitha, Flavored Rice, Pickles, Fried Snacks, and more. The whole document is in Kannada. So that’s a prerequisite. Now, if only someone would prepare a few dishes and invite me! Download […]

91.0MHz vs 101.3MHz

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I used to be a fan of RadioCity until recently. From the past couple of months the number and quality of advertisements broadcast on RadioCity have both gone in the wrong direction. The number has gone way up and the quality has gone way down. The content in and the presentation of these advertisements is […]

My SP Jain Interview Experience

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The application process for the one-year MBA at SP Jain is very simple. Everything needs to be done online on the institute’s website. The application itself is very simple. You need to have the standard details such as your personal information, educational background, and professional background (work experience) on hand. There are no lengthy essays […]