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An interview with Lakshmi Mittal

Unless you have been living in a cave, you would have heard or read about Lakshmi Mittal’s bid to takeover Arcelor. In spite of all the obstacles being put in his path, I am confident that he will come out on top. Today’s Economic Times features an exclusive interview with Lakshmi Mittal. You can download the interview text here. I particularly liked his response to the following two questions:

Q: What is the sense that you get from the Indian business community?

A: Everyone here seems to be very excited and supportive. I am very thankful to my friends and the country as a whole. My friends here wished me success, they tell me they want me want to win. I feel so proud to be an Indian.

Q: Mr Mittal, what if it [the acquisition] does not go through?

A: I am not thinking that it will not go through. I am confident.

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