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Spiga: Where we fear to step in again!

Spiga, a restaurant on Vittal Mallya Road between Ffolio and Esprit, is one place where I and Goutham won’t dare step into again.

We were greeted at Spiga by the sight of an extremely foul-smelling open man-hole. Gasping for fresh air, we somehow made it into the restaurant. All around we were surrounded by tycoons (aka culturally confused citizens) who had come over there for lunch. That was enough indication for things to come ahead. Indeed, right through the meal we saw more tycoons come in and leave. The waiters, who wore ear rings and sported tattoos, hung around the window, every two minutes, looking down at the open man-hole. We ordered something. Humus with Pita Bread and Mexican Quisellada; I think. We ate it and still felt like we had eaten nothing. We paid the bill, as more tycoons (men and women, boys and girls) walked in.

At the end of the meal, Goutham had just one thing to ask [the waiter], “Raja, manushru tinno anthadu enaadro idhya?” Translation: “Raja, do you have anything that can be eaten by human beings?” If Goutham didn’t already have a dislocated shoulder, I am sure I would have given him one that day.

Yesterday we started narrating this story to Shruthi, who upon hearing the word “Spiga,” went ga ga. It seems she’s already dined at this “fine” (in her words) place when we were in college and she loves the food here. Small wonder. We (I, Goutham, and Sandeep) have seen Shruthi devour coconut oil flavored tomato soup at 23:00 hours in Munnar. Now that is raw guts! We, on the other hand, could not bring even a spoonfull near our mouths.

Tip: For those who do not speak Kannada, “Raja” is slang you use when addressing someone male. For example, if you want to ask someone how he is, you would ask, “Hengidya Raja?” Never address a female as “Raja.”

8 thoughts on “Spiga: Where we fear to step in again!

  1. Interesting experience.

    I think its possible for people who visit a restaurant at different points in time to have a different opinion of it.

    Thanks for explaining the “raja” thing cos i was wondering why the waiter was addressed in that manner :)

  2. Hi Vinaya,
    The name of the hotel ” Spiga” sound alarmingly different.
    Also the food and the environment…
    Keep the blogs flowing…

  3. “Never address a female with ‘raja'” !!! You can, but only if the person being addressed is comfortable.

    Origin of the word: You address a loved one by that name, generally kids.

    And “Spiga”: yuck, I wouldn’t have liked it anytime of the day. You won’t even see the man hole in the night. You get to find supposed-to-be Italian and Mexican food inside. Inside spiga…not the man-hole.

    And the food, [should I call it food ??], will only impress those who like Italian food, just for the heck of it being called “Italian”.

  4. And again, its not difficult to have coconut oil flavoured tomato soup if you are used to having food cooked in coconut oil. Okay?
    I have got used to eating food cooked using coconut oil from Maha’s place. So, it tasted good to me :-P.

  5. Hii Vinaya,
    You should eat coconut oil fried buppet and banana chips. It is great. Even in avial (kerla) , a few drops of raw coconut oil makes the taste better.

    Overall, anything you are used to in the childhood is easy to appreciate . Most keralites and south TN guys are used to coconut oil. Northys donot like coconut oil in dishes For them it is meant for hair.

    -Raja (not the kannada usage raja)

  6. Its sad that you equate “tycoon” with rich spoilt people..Spiga is a nice restaurant if only you knew what to order raja!
    maybe the sophistication of the place made you uncomfortable..
    too bad about the open man-hole though!

  7. Your an idiot!! and rude.. and im overjoyed to know that i wont rub shoulders with yu in that would spoil my meal if i did.. try the food carts on the outer ring road where all the cab drivers stop for their rice and sambar..seems like your kind of place – no man holes, lots of greenery and YOUR crowd..idiot.

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