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Safety or Paranoia?

Bangalore is no longer a safe place. Especially in recent days the spate of crimes has increased leaps and bounds. It still continues unabated. Just yesterday there was a chain-snatching incident close to where I live.

A week or two ago I read in one of the newspapers about an incident in which two people on a bike stopped a guy in a car to ask for directions. The moment the car windows were lowered it seems that the bike guys hit him and robbed him of his belongings. That day I really wondered what state Bangalore had come down to.

Today, near the Town Hall signal, I had my car windows almost fully up. Out of the blue there is this guy who appears with a bunch of papers and a pencil in hand and knocks on my window. That recent incident in mind and not lowering my windows I asked him what he wanted. He said he was conducting a survey on AIR’s FM Rainbow broadcast. Before this could continue, the signal turned green – thankfully!

The survey could have been a legitimate one. The man could have been perfectly harmless. But, when you are paranoid (and with good reason for it) it’s wise to play safe.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Safety or Paranoia?

  1. Hi Vinaya,

    Yes, the crime rate in bendakallur is increasing…
    on a very fast track…
    Great blog…

    Wow…two blogs on the same day…
    Keep the motto going on…

  2. Also, what is one’s reaction if one signals a bike person for a lift?

    I used to freely take such people on board……But after months/years of doing that, seeing reports such as Vinay mentioned, I dont do that anymore…………Is it plain paranoia? Better safe than sorry? Where are my humanitarian intentions?

  3. thanks to all the Riches Software Engineers are getting from the IT industries in Bangalore no wonder, people are tempted for easier living than to work hard..crimes should be stopped and hope bangalore govt does something about it.

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