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Rice, Potatoes, and Bipasha Basu

Yesterday, I and Goutham had a hard time deciding what to eat for lunch. At one point I came up with the grand idea of having steamed rice and some potato based dish. But Goutham, who is currently waging a war against fat, was against it. Somehow I managed to convince him that potatoes contained only carbohydrates and not fat. We settled down to have a combination of “fried rice” and “crispy potatoes in hot garlic sauce.” We had the meal and forgot about it soon after.

Update by Goutham:

I went home in the evening and as soon as I entered my father said, “Did you know that one should not eat rice with potatoes?” I was shocked for a second and had frightening thoughts about my father’s far-reaching contact network. I just asked him, “Who said that?” To which he replied, “That’s what Bipasha Basu says in today’s newspaper.” A huge sigh of relief flooded my mind!

Bipasha Basu saves the day for us.

5 thoughts on “Rice, Potatoes, and Bipasha Basu

  1. hey man…that was coooll, knowing gowtham, i wud have loved to c his reactions…neways post this joke if u want…its kind of a humour it goes..

    Most cricketers from Pakistaan, who are not comfortable in conversing in English, go

    Prepared for some standard questions that are asked to them when

    Commentators chat with them during the awards ceremony.

    Inzamam was once asked a different question after Pakistan won the match,

    for which he was not prepared. He always used his standard response to the

    first question after winning.

    But this time…..

    Tony Greig: So Inzi, that’s fantastic, your wife is pregnant for the second

    time and u must be happy!

    Inzamam: Bismillah-e-Rehman-e-Rahim!

    All credit goes to the boys.

    Everyone work hard for it, especially Afridi. It was tight situation when

    He went in. Also Bob Woolmer was keeping close watch on progress and


    instructions. It’s all team effort. Insha Allah, we all will work together

    as a team, put in big effort and deliver good result all the time and will

    be able to REPEAT the same result.

    Tony fainted !!!

  2. Potato itself is a staple food as it has carbohydrate. Combining potato with rice thinking potato is a vegetable is not correct. There is no surprise Bipasha knowing this as for them keeping fit is a profession.

    The joke sequence after the question being asked was predictable.

  3. I started working out after I developped a bit of love handles. I don’t eat potato or rice that much.At least,not the fried type. Protein is the key. High protein diet speeds up metabolism.

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