While cleaning my room yesterday I came across a few old photo CDs. The cleaning stopped because curiosity got the better of me. It was a nostalgic couple of hours that I spent looking at the photographs. The ones below are from the time I spent in New Zealand. If you love adventure then New Zealand would be heaven for you. I did the whole circuit – farm biking, four-wheel off-roading, bungee jumping, and for a couple of moments was suspended above a huge jet engine!

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That’s me and Brian taking turns driving a farm bike up a hill. It’s a whole lot tougher than it looks. Below me is a net that separates me from the jaws of a roaring jet engine. Above me is a net to prevent me from taking a trip through the Earth’s atmosphere.
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The Suzuki Jimny is an awesome off-roader. Why don’t they launch it in India? An 80-degree skiddy slope over which we bought the Jimny down. Perhaps the scariest moment so far in my life. I could actually feel my heart pumping its way out.

Today, if someone asks me to describe myself, it would be this one sentence: “Adventure is my religion.”™

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  1. Wow!!! Awesome!!! You have never showed me these pics from your New Zealand trip. You had just explained to me what all adventure you did. I feel jay after seeing these pics :-). I will start planning my next trip to New Zealand.

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