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An irresistible offer!

Last week I received a call from Hotel Harsha. It was a marketing call for some “frequent eater”™ card. The terms and conditions for this card were:

  • An annual charge of 3000+ rupees
  • The card SHOULD be in the name of a female
  • 50% off on meals for two, 30% off on meals for three, and 20% off on meals for groups greater than three
  • A night’s stay for two at some partner chain in Bangalore (supposedly worth 8000 rupees) that you can gift to anyone

But, the last condition is hilarious. Read it verbatim.

It seems that whenever you go to Hotel Harsha for a meal, to use the offer on the card, one of the persons who ate the meal HAS to be a female. Any female will do. It need not be the same person whose name is on the card. Just that one female presence is compulsory.

At this point, I was tempted to ask, “What if the lone female does not eat the meal, but just comes along for company? Do I still get the discount then?”

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