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NIFTY Technicals

My close friend (since high-school days) Vinod has started a new website on the Indian stock market. If you ever need advise on the ins and outs of the stock market, he’s the “Guru.” The official wordings from his site are:

“Elliott Wave based technical analysis of the Indian Stock Market, concentrating on the NIFTY (applicable in overall direction to the BSE Sensex) .” – Now that’s technical!

Head over to NIFTY Technicals.

5 thoughts on “NIFTY Technicals

  1. I cannot believe that stock market (NSE index) behavior can be rationalised. It is a function of so many things including terror attacks. For last decade, 1990-2000, the market was at 3000-4000. Now people say it is going to reach 16K or even 25K. How come this prediction is not done 7 years back.


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