The Banking Ombudsman

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Public service announcement Reproduced from the New Sunday Express, January 15, 2006 Very few people know that there is an ombudsman to address unresolved grievances against their bank – fraudulent withdrawals, interest rate disputes on deposits, payment delays, refusal to accept small denomination notes, basically anything. The banking ombudsman used to only deal with complaints […]


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While cleaning my room yesterday I came across a few old photo CDs. The cleaning stopped because curiosity got the better of me. It was a nostalgic couple of hours that I spent looking at the photographs. The ones below are from the time I spent in New Zealand. If you love adventure then New […]


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Many readers wrote to me asking if “I had done the vanishing trick.” A couple of days ago, the DNS configuration on my host’s servers had gone completely haywire and I had’nt even noticed that my site was inaccessible (until Vinod buzzed me). It certainly looked like I had packed up my bags for good! […]

Big Bang!

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Unless you know who Simon Singh is, you would probably think of “Big Bang” as having something to do with a wild orgy. Thankfully, it’s a book about the origins of the Universe. “Big Bang” is my book-of-the-month for January. I picked it up at Sapna Book House, Jayanagar at a cost of five-hundred rupees. […]