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Freedom in education

The recent proposal by the government to enforce reservation in private educational institutions is utterly nonsensical. Instead of abolishing the existing system of reservation, the government now wants to make it more widespread. The other day I read an article in the Indian Express in which the author had put in the right words, my thoughts.

“When an educational institution does not simultaneously have the freedom of whom to teach, what to teach, and how to teach, you are not going to get a good educational institution.”

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Freedom in education

  1. I am absolutely against the system of reservation. Denying people with ability and talent and instead promoting some dim wit jus because he/she belongs to some ‘class’. It is absolutely shameful.

  2. The government should ne concentrating on Primary Education. It should make sure that all Indians get quality education that will make them all eligible for a bright future.

    Reservation in privtae sector is an easy way out. Now u can blame everything on capitalists!

  3. I have a different view here though I am not a backward class guy.
    1. I donot think engineering is unaffordable or unreachable nowadays unlike 80s where I heard that there were only few govt eng colleges in states. What you here now is that seats are not getting filled.

    2. Everybody going in to engineering is not good. Things are changing now as you see more people/talents going in to media, h/w. Everybody becoming an engineer is a nonsense. Actually I feel I am a good guy for something in media than engineering but I am forced in to it due to guaranteed income etc.

  4. What a shame to India and its societey.. that is the main reason we get Engineers in “Quantity” rather than ones with real quality and some of these Engineers go on to become professors teaching others and dont even know whats going on in the Industry…

    a real shame to India itself if they bring in “Reservation system” in a Private sector.. just bcoz of the fact that a person who is really capable is denied a chance of getting in due to some reservation quota!!!!

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