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The new ICICI Bank ad

If you’ve been listening in on Radio City 91 FM, chances are you would have heard the latest ICICI Bank advertisement. The ad goes something like this (non-verbatim):

“Attention all NRIs. Just walk-in to the nearest ICICI bank branch, open an account, and collect your free gift. Gifts as per RBI guidelines.”

Just assume for a moment that you are a NRI. Would you walk-in to the nearest ICICI Bank branch and open an account, just to collect a free gift?

How much dumber can ICICI Bank get?

7 thoughts on “The new ICICI Bank ad

  1. The way ICICI is going … be it in the MF market or in the retail banking … and the kind of ads they are placing to this effect … are having no effect on customer and merchant dissatisfaction … Consider this … my friend who filled up a tank full at Bowring couldnt get authorization from ICICI (for a DEBIT CARD??). As a last resort, he paid cash and rode away after the one of the attendants giggled at him for having an account at ICICI. Whats next? A child laughing at you everytime you swipe your ICICI gold card and blatantly calling you a retard?

  2. ICICI Bank cannot give largees to customers for opening accounts with them. It is prohibited by the Regulatory. So NRIs ! Do not be lured by the word gift. It may be a pencil or rubber or rubber band or a gem clip or a pin. How cheaply ICICI Bank has evaluated the NRI customers. God save both the customer and the bank.

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