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Life of a BMTC Bus: Part #2


I have written previously about the sufferings experienced by a BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) bus. (Read the original article.) Today’s Indian Express carried an article on the same topic. Excerpts from the article:

Protesters’ popular target, BMTC loses Rs. 2,5 crore in 2005
– by Ashwini M Sripad

The story of protests in Bangalore seems to be incomplete without damage to BMTC buses. It may be Benny Hinn’s “festival of blessings” or Siddharamaiah’s Ahinda convention, every time a BMTC bus is the first victim. This year over 600 buses were damaged in protests, causing a loss of Rs. 2.35 crore to the BMTC.

“If there is any chaos or protest in the city, it is the BMTC buses that bear the brunt. There is a certain limit until which the BMTC can bear the loss. If we increase the ticket fare, people blame us. But if the loss exceeds, the cost has to be passed on to the passengers, without any choice” – BMTC Chief Traffic Manager (Operations) Dastagir Sheriff.

“Last year, protests were less and hence damages too were less. But this year the BMTC had to incur heavy loss,” he added. Sheriff said that due to these protests, the BMTC had to lessen its schedules, resulting in loss. The agitators not only break the glasses, but there have been instances where buses were burnt.

Damage and loss in 2005

Benny Hinn’s festival of blessings
January / 500 buses / 1.2 crore

Naxals killed cops for revenge
February / 8 buses / 38 lakh

BMTC driver jumped the signal resulting in a traffic jam
March / 12 buses / 4 lakh

KSRTC/BMTC Union strike
July / 47 buses / 42 lakh

Ahinda convention
August / 15 buses / 9 lakh

Bad condition of Kanakapura road
December / 18 buses / 2.5 lakh

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I wonder when this madness will stop.

5 thoughts on “Life of a BMTC Bus: Part #2

  1. Stupid people. Bmtc is not polluting but you people are. You are adding to traffic jams and jump n front of the bus and blame them for no fault oftheirs. you people don’t respect their size but ridicule their slowness.They rae like elephants; very tame and gentle will bear all your torture. but once you go in their way they wont mind trampling. And in todays rising petrol rates it is the best

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