5 thoughts on “Ideas for a logo

  1. Since the title refers to the location of Bangalore, how about a collage of pictures of Bangalore. Or probably few random pictures of blr that you can rotate pr session using a script. But not the cliched ones like vidhan soudha, itpl and stuff. Something innovative. Let it showcase Bengaluru instead of Bangalore if you know what i mean (which i’m sure you do.) :)

  2. Hi Vinaya,

    A gif icon of the globe rotating….
    with the images of bangalore….. coming out of it…
    also maybe your image also included……

    if you are looking for a static logo(jpg)
    then the globe with magnetic needle should be great….


  3. I was reading some of the top bloggs listed in businessworld Nov issue. But your’s seem to be more updated and more neat. Good luck and good time management and you seem to manage your time well. Your writing is great, I have become a fan.

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