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Why you should not “ROTFLMAO”?

It all started with this lengthy e-mail I sent to a good friend, and, in which I had described my experiences in setting up a Wireless LAN at home. Her simple response was:

“Hey, Congratulations on that! So what is that you can do now, which you couldn’t have done otherwise?”

There I was, stunned, and without an answer. The next moment I was ROTFLMAO at the beauty of that question. So, I sent back an e-mail that said “ROTFLMAO!” And, what do I receive in response:

“The below explanation might interest you.

ROTFLMAO: A chat room abbreviation used mainly by imbeciles, usually in response to something mildly, often very mildly, amusing. People who use this type of shorthand should be avoided like the Spanish flu.

Example: I would’ve married her, but I found out that she goes into chat rooms and uses shorthand like LOL and ROTFLMAO. Therefore, I broke off our engagement and changed the locks to my apartment.

No comments.”

Thanks V.

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