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Where tycoons dine

Desmonds: “Where tycoons dine”
Lavelle Road

Go here if:

  • You have exactly INR 99 + 10.2% tax in your pocket
  • You want to see a Suneeta Rao – the “pari hoon main” girl – look alike (Disclaimer: sighting the look alike depends on your karma)
  • You want to see young girls with, let’s just say, assets that adhere to all rules of geometry
  • You want to see culturally confused citizens (Thanks Goutham, for this expression)
  • You have nowhere else to go

If you go here for any other reason, please let me know.

How to get there?

Hit Lavelle Road from the MG Road end. Drive past Hotel Chancery. Stop next to the Mandovi Motors showroom and look for a sign that says, “Desmonds: Where tycoons dine,” and stop there.

3 thoughts on “Where tycoons dine

  1. The best table to occupy ?

    The one right in front of the entrance [You got to be really lucky!]. You get to see the STARs [atleast, that’s what they think] with all kinds of culturally fused dessing sense. This is what you call “Crossover dressing”?

    The best way to describe this place ? “Hypocrisy at its very best”. I promise you will find a good bunch of “pseudo intellects” assembled here.

    You won’t become a tycoon .. if you dine here. Got to admit … food is decent enough.

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