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Bangalore or Bengaluru?

A possible conversation at an American company:

John  :  “Say Mike, do you know where all our jobs are going now?”
Mike  :  “Ummm…aaah…Ben-gaa-loo-ruu.”
John  :  “Serves those Bangaloreans right.”

Yep. That’s Dharam Singh’s plan to pull wool over the world’s eyes.

2 thoughts on “Bangalore or Bengaluru?

  1. Wish the sycophant farts who sit in Vidhana Soudha stop doing such crap and actually do something contructive. Everytime I’ve actually said that line ….. the morons have built a fly-over or grade separator where it serves no purpose at all … Fly-over i mention here: BTM layout-Bannerghatta Road fly-over

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